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I will Keep Hiawatha open. We will work with the different departments in the state and county and take care of those with damages to their houses from flooding.

     I will build financially sustainable community     centers over the course of the next 7 years. Pulling       our communities  together and protecting our    children and older residents. 

 I will develop kids programs that teach them how   to use the lakes and our beautiful resources that we have in Minneapolis.

I will have after school programs that educate the children of minneapolis that the school system does not. Also the park board will have a pre-k program for those who can not afford day care for their child. 

Over the next 20 years we have funding that is going to help the park board restructure and do some redevelopment. Being a project manager and a builder I believe that I can get the most out of our tax dollars during this process. I am certified in the following EPA license, Builder license, solar and wind development and project management. Creating buildings that are sustainable is very important to me. We will get this done which will help pay for a large part of the parks budget. I will be aggressive with making sure we get the most out of our money and spend each tax dollar that you give very wisely. With that said I have worked in the Minneapolis park board as a volunteer/coach/mentor and I am hoping to make sure that programs are more readily available. On top of that I want to build programs for the adults in the community. I would like to set aside part of the land in each community park as a community garden. I want health exercise classes such as yoga in each center for the adults in their respective communities. I intend to redevelop how information gets to the the citizens of Minneapolis. Not only would I like to develop a app program, but I would like the park board staff strained in how to update so that the community is aware of the events that are going on. Also I believe that we can encourage fishing classes for kids, art/ theater programs, and computer science programs for children. Not all kids like sports and I intend to make a full line of programs to keeps kids educated and learning in a healthy environment after school. I would like to partner with the local college’s to get students work study credits to serve in the park board to make this happen. Most importantly I will be accessible and accountable to each community here their needs and bring it back to the board to make sure we are making a positive affect on the community. I believe that by hearing people in the community where their park is will be the best way to serve each community.